Ahavat Kol Israel

Ahavat Kol Israel was founded in 1989 by Rabbi Yoram Baruchian and the name of the organization’s means Love For All Israel.

The seed to the aid organization was sown in the Negev desert during a military exercise, in which Yoram Baruchian, as part of the reserve, had been called up to participate. During the exercise, Yoram’s glasses were crushed, and he realized how handicapped one is without one’s glasses. There was no option for having spare glasses issued, so Yoram had to take leave and be escorted to Be’er Sheva by a companion, from where new glasses were ordered. Then and there, Yoram determined to collect glasses, and the seed for the relief organization “Ahavat Kol Israel” was thus planted.

Even though Israel is a modern society, the many challenges that the country has faced have entailed that many people live beneath the poverty line. In their efforts to help, Ahavat Kol Israel does not distinguish between recipients, i.e., whether they Orthodox or traditionally religious, or secular, or even Jewish. The organization collaborates with hospitals, synagogues, and government welfare agencies. Only people with references and endorsement letters receive help, in order to ensure that the truly needy are the ones who receive help. All the work in the organization is volunteer-based and approx. 500 volunteers are involved in distributing the aid. In connection with holidays, extra food, corresponding to the amount of donations received, are distributed.

Danish-Jewish Friendship, in addition to a fixed monthly sum, also happily sends special donations in connection with the Jewish holiday feasts in order to strengthen Jewish identity and Jewish faith with the many poor families of Jerusalem

YouTube clip from Ahavat Kol Israel’s food distribution during the Jewish Easter of 2011: