Educational Talks

Danish-Jewish Friendship bases its work on what the Bible has to say about the calling and responsibility of the Christian community in relation to Israel. A natural upshot of this is that Bible-based teaching has always been an integral part of Danish-Jewish Friendship’s work. Danish-Jewish Friendship’s staff members and volunteers would very much like to offer their services to your congregation or community group and speak on Israel at retreats and conferences, etc., around Denmark.

Speakers can be contacted through their respective e-mails.

Eva Ravn Møenbak:

Eva’s teaching includes topics on:

  • God’s covenants with Israel – Israel’s election
  • The Land of Israel
  • Zionism
  • Israel – God’s servant
  • Does Israel matter to Christians?
  • Jesus and Israel
  • Paul and Israel
  • Israel and the Christian community
  • Jewish and Christian Easter
  • Addressing Replacement Theology
  • The Anti-Judaical Attitude of the Church
  • Jewish-Christian Relations since WWII
  • Prayer and praise

Linda Møller

Linda’s teaching includes topics on:

  • The Christian Community and Israel
  • Jewish and Christian Easter
  • DJF’s work and activities
  • Volunteering: Who? What? And Why?
  • The Feasts of the Lord. – Introduction to the three major feasts (Pesach-Shavuot-Succoth)
  • Fourteen years in Jerusalem. – Personal encounters and experiences as DJF’s Jerusalem representative and as a volunteer