Bi-Monthly Magazine

By Greta Axelsen, editor in chief

The magazine, whose Danish title “Nyt fra Dansk-Jødisk Venskab” translates “The DJF Update” conveys information about DJF’s extensive activities in Israel. We find it of utmost importance that all our contributors are able to follow the projects in which DJF engages in, both in Israel and at home in Scandinavia. The news and the images from the various projects promote appreciation of our work.

The magazine also brings many articles that deal with the issues and themes that we have addressed at our annual Israel conferences.

“The DJF Update”, in addition, announces meetings and seminars organized by DJF, and in this manner the magazine is also an important communication platform for DJF

The magazine is made through volunteer efforts, but publishing a magazine is not free of costs, since printing and postage are relatively costly. This is why we encourage everyone, who has the wherewithal, to support the magazine financially. In this way, more money can be allocated to the work in Israel.

We are pleased that the magazine can also be read here on our homepage, and we hope that you find our magazines both informative and interesting to read. Below you can see a compilation of the magazine editions available on our homepage. You are also welcome to write us.