Articles of Association

ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION FOR THE ASSOCIATION DANISH-JEWISH FRIENDSHIP (Only the Danish version of this text has legal binding force)

1. Name and Location

The name by which this association is to be known is Danish-Jewish Friendship. The registered office of the association is to be situated in the municipality of Copenhagen.

2. Core Values and Statement of Purpose

Danish-Jewish Friendship believes that the Old and New Testaments are an inseparable unit , whose ultimate purpose is to bring salvation and blessing to all peoples. The names Israel and Messiah Jesus belong inseparably to one another. Danish-Jewish Friendship believes that the State of Israel’s rebirth in 1948 was caused by God’s intervention in history and that modern-day Israel therefore only can be understood in the context of prophetic scripture. Danish-Jewish Friendship sees its purpose in serving as a forum for Jewish-Christian dialogue. Danish-Jewish Friendship, furthermore, sees its mission and purpose in assisting and providing social services and care for the Jewish people. Danish-Jewish Friendship believes that we live in rapidly changing times, which is why we encourage people to intercede for Israel in prayer, just as we wish to counter anti-semitism. Likewise we wish to support Israel, wherever the opportunity may arise.

3. Fulfillment of Purpose

The fulfillment of the Danish-Jewish Friendship’s is pursued partly through fundraising and distribution from individual givers, institutions and funds, and partly by financially supporting concrete undertakings and projects that work toward realizing the association’s purpose in Denmark and abroad, as well as through friendship-building initiatives, awareness campaigns, sending of volunteers, educational activities in Hebrew, etc.

4. Membership

Any person who gives their assent to the statement of purpose may become a member. Membership may be awarded based on payment of the membership fee for the year in question. Persons whom have been asked to join by the board do not pay any membership fee. The board may demand any admission of membership approved at the General Meeting. The annual membership fee is decided at the General Meeting. A member who carries out activities detrimental to the association may be excluded. Such an exclusion, however, can only be submitted to the General Meeting and approved by said body, if necessary. Members are not personally liable for any of the association’s liabilities.

5. The General Meeting

The General Meeting is the association’s highest authority, and its decisions guide the Board’s activities, which also attends to the daily business of the association. Ordinary General Meetings are to be held once a year and announced with at least two weeks’ notice. The notice shall indicate time and venue for the execution of the meeting, as well as an agenda. Notice prior to General Meetings is given through the magazine ” “Nyt fra Dansk-Jødisk  Venskab” (The DJF Update). The agenda shall at least contain the following points of business: a) The Board’s review of the period since the most recent General Meeting. b) Presentation of the annual accounts and status. c) Election of the Board – three members to the board are elected in even years. Additional members are elected in uneven years.  d) Any other business. The board members who are up for election shall be those who have served on the Board the longest without being up for election. In cases of doubt, the Chair has the final say. Extraordinary General Meetings shall be held when the Board so decides or when one third of the membership present a written request to this effect. Motions to be considered by the General Meeting must be submitted in writing at the latest one week before the General Meeting transpires.

6. The Board

The association is led by a Board consisting of at least five members, and at most nine. Board Members must recognize the statement of purpose. Board Members are elected by the General Meeting. The Board itself elects the offices of Chair, etc. The treasurer and secretary need not necessarily be members of the Board.

Board Members shall always be members of the association. The Board is to convene at least once a year, or as often as is necessary. The Board is competent to transact business when three fifths of the Board Members are present. Important matters require a three-fifths’ majority of the entire Board. Absent Board Members shall in important matters make their opinion known in writing. A Board Member is entitled to have an issue decided at a Board Meeting. A Board Meeting can be called by the Chair with at least one week’s notice. The Chair is responsible for a summary of both Board Meetings and General Meetings is included into the proceedings. Summaries shall be signed by at least three Board Members. Members who wish to bring an issue before a Board Meeting or a General Meeting shall give written notice hereof to the Chair at least one week in advance of the meeting.

7. Power to Bind the Association

In cases involving dispositions regarding the association’s assets, including the purchase/sale or mortgaging of real estate, the association is bound by the joint signature of the Chair and two Board Members.

8. Annual Accounts and Årsregnskab og revision

The financial year for the association is equal to the calendar year. The association’s annual accounts and status are audited by a trained and recognized auditor.

9. Amendments to the Articles of Association and the Dissolution of the Association.

Amendments to the Articles of Association and a decision to dissolve the Association can only happen insofar as there is a two thirds’ majority among the attendees at two consecutive General Meetings, which must be held with an interim of at least two weeks. Calling of the meeting shall follow the stipulations in Article 5. At the dissolution of the Association – irrespective of cause – any assets the association might possess shall be transferred to other work related to the purpose in Denmark.

Thus approved at the Association’s General Meeting on October 17, 1992.