Mission Statement

Danish-Jewish Friendship believes that the Old and New Testaments are an inseparable unit and revelation whose ultimate purpose is to bring salvation and blessing to all peoples. The names Israel and Messiah Jesus belong inseparably to one another.

Danish-Jewish Friendship believes that the State of Israel’s rebirth in 1948 was caused by God’s intervention in history and that modern-day Israel can only be understood in the context of the prophetic word of God.

Danish-Jewish Friendship sees its purpose in serving as a forum for Jewish-Christian dialogue.

Danish-Jewish Friendship, furthermore, sees its mission and purpose in assisting and providing social services and care for the Jewish people.

Danish-Jewish Friendship believes that we live in rapidly changing times, which is why we encourage people to intercede for Israel in prayer, just as we wish to counter antisemitism. Likewise we wish to support Israel, wherever the opportunity may appear.