Israel’s Fallen 1948-2016

Yesterday and today, the Jewish nation commemorated its fallen citizens since the establishment of the modern Jewish state in 1948. Danish-Jewish Friendship participated in a stirring ceremony at the Lone Soldier Center’s memorial event at Ammunition Hill, where the memory of young soldiers past was kept alive and honored by recounting their life stories and character. In this way, Israeli society attributes emphasis and value to those who are no longer among us. To this date Israel has suffered 23.477 fallen throughout its 68-year-old history, a relatively small number compared to the approx. 6 million who perished in the Holocaust over a period of a few years. But how then can the world expect anything else than Israel fighting to its utmost for its land and security? The price for an independent nation has been bought at a steep price, but compared to relying on the capricious goodwill of nations, it has certainly been worth it.


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